Thursday, May 5, 2011


MINNIE played by Ruby Bentall is my favorite character of Lark Rise! I applaud her winsome performance! Minnie longs to belong and she so belongs among the celebrated actresses indeed! Dorcas, the postmistress mentors Minnie in the area of social politeness and in preparation of a courtship with Alf, the man who makes her giddy. Thomas Brown, played by Mark Heap is the quirky Postman of Candleford. Thomas embraces the call of God to minister to the unsaved. Often quick to judge others, by the 4th season, Thomas admits his own doubts. As he is keen to correct any sin he sees, Thomas finds it difficult to accept that others don't see the world the same way. Now married to Margaret, Thomas hopes to have a family, but Thomas begins to wonder: is God willing? Mark Heap born in India to an English father ~ stirs our souls to LARK RISE! The character known as TWISTER gets his words all twisted up and looses his reading! He is married to the healer known as QUEENIE and this couple offers up much to say about being a friend in need and in deed! Queenie raised Alf and a throng of other locals who go wisely to her for much needed advice. Queenie and Twister live in the hamlet of Lark Rise next door to Emma Timmins, mother of Laura. MINNIE, TWISTER, ALF QUEENIE THOMAS DORCAS and the PRATT SISTERS keep the viewers emotions flowing!

Monday, May 2, 2011


Angel Deverell played by Romola Garai comes of age in Edwardian Cheshire knowing she will be a great writer. Rising above her class (her widowed mother has a grocery shop), Angel finds a publisher and a wide audience for her frothy romances. With royalties, she buys an estate, then she's smitten by Esme, a rake from local aristocracy and an artist of dark temperament. She hires Esme's sister Nora, who dotes on her, as a personal assistant, and pursues Esme. Angel is grandly self-centered, coloring her world as if it were one of her novels. When the Great War breaks out and reality begins to trump her will, can Angel hold on to her man and her public?