Saturday, September 10, 2011


The central miracle asserted by Christians is the Incarnation. We know that God became Man. Every other miracle prepares the way for this revelation, or results from His return. This is the key truth of Miracles. C.S. Lewis shows that a Christian must not only accept but rejoice in miracles as a testimony of the unique personal involvement of God in His creation. The lucidity and wit of Lewis develops an argument that challenges the rationalists, agnostics, and deists on their own grounds and makes out an impressive case for the irrationality of their assumptions. "Those who assume that miracles cannot happen are merely wasting their time by looking into the texts: we know in advance what results they will find for they have begun by begging the question." In His miraculous way, will and wisdom ~ God transforms lives for His purpose. AMEN ~ In Reflections on the Psalms, Lewis admits his human failing to fully grasp the grace of God.


A masterpiece of satire! This CS Lewis classic has entertained and enlightened readers the world over with its sly and ironic portrayal of human life and foibles from the vantage point of Screwtape, a world wise sleuth who devises to screw us out of real ever lasting joy. Wildly comic, deadly serious, and strikingly original, C.S. Lewis gives us the correspondence between the old Devil and his nephew, Wormwood, a novice demon in charge of securing the damnation of an ordinary young man. The Screwtape Letters is the most engaging account of temptation, and triumph over it, ever written. READ IT, LISTEN to the AUDIO or GO SEE IT! How Theatre Impacts Culture ~ Think how culture has changed in the last thirty years. Ideas and attitudes that were inconceivable then are mainstream now. Those ideas are often legitimized through making emotional connections. Nothing does that better than theatre. Theatre has the unique ability to create empathy; to feel for characters we don’t know and experience ideas we’ve never considered. It gives us permission to put down our guard and enter another world. In the 1930’s, a small cell of artists created The Group Theatre. Its members are now the ‘Who’s Who’ of American theatre. Their influence has been incalculable, empowering almost every Oscar or Tony winning writer, director, producer and actor since the 1940s. Their leader, Harold Clurman, the dean of American Theatre, famously remarked “Make them laugh, and while their mouths are open, pour truth in.” Fellowship for the Performing Arts has co-opted that vision to create theatre from a Christian worldview that engages a diverse audience. As an instant New York Broadway play, The Screwtape Letters became the rage in a unique way. A teacher who brought 25 students to see the play said, “The show was unlike anything we had ever participated in. Usually drama/film leads us to escape into another reality. This one did just the opposite; it caused one to focus back on the reality within. It was a very powerful tool for revelation and conviction.” When audience members attest to the power of self-reflection in our plays, the truths of the Christian faith are experienced anew. And it goes beyond the audience. Our influence reaches the mainstream media as well. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote, “As funny as The Screwtape Letters is, it’s all aimed at exposing human sin, some which we’re unaccustomed to considering a different angle on gluttony, another aspect of pride, and there were occasional deep silences in the audience as a point hit home.” The FPA, Fellowship for the Performing Arts is impacting culture with fresh insights of the ever brilliant author C. S. Lewis.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Coherent wishing made possible to understand in this application book. The Circle: How The Power Of A Single Wish Can Change Your Life - this book brings understanding of the power of foucs at a refined 2011 level. Think and Grow Rich, The Power of Positive Thinking, and Awaken the Giant Within, bu Authors Hill, Peale and Robbins are great, but The Circle clarifies the psychological states that lead to accomplishing the important desire of compatible connection. It refers to concepts that many associate with spiritual beliefs, however Laura Day encourages an independent assessment, aside from any particular religion or set of spiritual beliefs. Simply reframe her words to fit into your own religious or spiritual beliefs. KEY POINT: "what you perceive, what you conceive, and what you create are one." The concept develops within three stages. A) Your initiation to discover your one true wish and place into The Circle language. B) Apprenticeship C) Mastery. With nine steps to full circle:

(1) Intention -- Choose a specific, positive, passionate, and present desire. (2) Embodiment -- Create "reality" tales, songs, and meditate to make it real. (3) Ritual -- Engage rituals that allow achievement. Eliminate habits that destroy (4) Expect Luck --- Synchronized coincidences occur, tap into them often. Pay attention to setbacks, problems, challenges and get inspired by them! (5) Get Clear -- Open heart, eyes, hands. Let go of people, places things. (6) Cohesive -- Eliminate cross-purposes that pull you away from your wish. (7) Greet Roadblocks -- Be inspired to get beyond the appearance to experience (8) Expose Agendas --- Hidden ways that we self-sobatage get exposed with honesty. Realize that your wish needs to be changed to better reflect what you really want. (9) Expand Support group -- "Give what you have. Ask for what you need."The past and the future exist in the present. Re-examine the past in the present and proclaim the gift and gain the power of FAITH in your ability to achieve. Brief yet effective assignments for each step refine our hopes, dreams and belief in our right to receive all that was pre-ordained for us to receive. Apply the prcess to one wish. Gain from the experience by identifying what roadblocks to rise above. Resolve the pin pointed issues and achieve definite progress. Get insight and be transformed by the value of each exposed internal issue. The purpose of explored intentions is that we experience the power of intentional focus.
On Oprah Winfrey's final show she said "If it were not for God and Jesus, this show would not be possible" She reminded us all that we are both the "sender and receivers." of energy and therefore we are responsible for what we "put out" and what we "attract". Our family, friends, co-workers are front and center receivers of what love, joy, forgiving, non-judging energy we put out. We share our intentions with people, and we are responsible to receive and respond to their assertions, reactions, questions, and suggestions as to what our impact is. Our viewers, our listeners are effected by who we are. We must be ready to notice, engage and employ what we know to be true of us, that we are WORTHY and GIFTED by GOD to GIVE our best. In the book the Circle, a measure of metaphysics is described without the clutter of detail which often does not allow for faith. Create valuable cohesive thought and action while completing the assignments in a conscientious way. Master the nine steps and become the Circle. My intention of this blog post is to inform others in this condensed version so that more can achieve their deepest wishes. Help me build my mastery to a higher level. Let us select worthy goals, and commit to them with integrity!

Monday, September 5, 2011


Mirren dominates the screen as Rachel Singer, a former Mossad secret agent in 1997 Tel Aviv. Superb acting invites us into a riveting relationship triangle at the center of The Debt. The movie audience meets Rachel as her 1960's heroism is published in a book written by her daughter. Rachel is revered in the book for successfully closing a mid-1960s mission in which she and two male co-workers nabbed a notorious Nazi war criminal. Thirty years later and Rachel recoils at the bravado she receives as the tale told masks a secret misfortune. The grand dame of film, Helen Mirren, pushes the Oscar envelope as she portrays Rachel with a stunning tight posture that reveals a weary gaze. Rachel's thoughts stumble around in a 1960 nightmare. Her flashbacks as the young Rachel is acted by the elaborate acting of Jessica Chastain. Chastain's radiance creates her own spotlight — She is steely yet vulnerable as the young Rachel, whose delicacy is absorbed by Csokas and Worthington in a terrifying triangle. Mirren masters an impression with a chilly persona in the early scenes. The Debt is the daunting drama of fierce flashbacks that flutter us between the very conflict that quelches Rachels voice. Her unflinching boldness makes her an Amazon among women today. Master class acting makes this a classic thriller! It's breathless rushed pace works perfectly with a confident cast. Each performance transforms this otherwise ordinary espionage story into a flame that engulfs the viewer with its sheer brilliance! A LABOR DAY movie night 2011!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


The movie is based on a brilliant Stephen King twisted tale. Morgan Freeman shows up near the end to help solve the mystery of SSDD. The first scence catapults the mind into a gasp. A Harvard grad shrink peers into a large patient whose troubled soul is captured by the doctors sketching whilst he is talking. A pencil draws us into a dreamcatcher, then these words: compulsive over indulgement, suicidal guilt, self punishment, slow death by cholesterol/drinking, oak bed, cry wolf, early grave. The patient says "Carls JR has a six dollar burger which only costs $3.95 so you think you are getting a deal, but the truth is it might be the best franchise burger out there. I went there yesterday and ordered three, by golly those suckers almost filled me up ~ but when I got home I still had to have a box of Eggos, but that does not take away from Carl's achievement. I mean heres a guy thats gotta go thru life as Carl JR right? He can never get out of the shadow of his dad, the original Carl." The shrink interrupts "Jason, do you think that this compulsive eating has something to do with your mom/dad? You are eating yourself to an early death as punishment. You think you killed him by not responding to his call right? He begged you to dial 911, but he was always crying wolf right? You must stop blaming yourself for his death. If you do not, you will eat yourself into a premature grave." ~ As I watched this opening scene I was compelled to post this mother's revelation about her son and his choices. After listening to Charles Stanley's broadcast "Praying with Impact" at INTOUCH.ORG ~ it is God's will that we contribute our gifts to benefit others. A child can only increase in the knowledge of God by reading His Word. As parents it is emphatically important that we talk to our kids about what the Holy Spirit reveals to us, and that we pray God's will for them daily. Do not cease to pray for those you love. Trust God's will in all circumstances to cause victory through our FAITH in His sovereign ways. Lord Jesus I pray that You fill Jason with the knowledge of Thy will. Give Jason and David wisdom and spiritual understanding that they may walk worthy of You, that both will be found fully pleasing to God, and fruitful in every good work while they increase in the knowledge of God, I pray that both are strengthened with all might, according to God's glorious power. Give them patience and longsuffering with a JOY that causes them to shout thanks be to God who has chosen them. For God has qualified those who believe to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light. Deliver Jason and David from the power of darkness and convey Your love Lord Jesus with a mighty force. May You interrupt their dreams and thoughts with a perfect picture of Your love, compassion and forgivness. I pray for a complete surrender as a full reconciliation is embraced. May they no longer feel alienated as enemies of God for their weak choices. May they both accept that the blood of Christ is sufficient and that they are holy and blameless in Your sight. AMEN ~ READ THE BOOK

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Luke Chisolm is a talented young golfer set on making the pro tour. When his first big shot turns out to be a very public disaster, Luke escapes the pressures of the game and finds himself unexpectedly stranded in Utopia, Texas, home to eccentric rancher Johnny Crawford (Robert Duvall). Johnny's profound ways of looking at life force Luke to question not only his past choices, but his direction for the future. Big money or settle in a small town with a nice girl?