Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Jane Austen strolled along the woods with a basket full of treasured visions that she shared with the world by her pen. She was afforded the luxury of time to stream the many delights of perhaps, a 17 year old who incessantly giggles with an imagined situation of a suitor. Without regret she catalogs scenes that go on ~ absent of any poor outcomes. A war is going on during her joyous time spent without a fetter of worry. Jane Austen lived within a space that prevented any sort of un invited worldly distraction. Inspirations beyond the grave condition of a City budget, Jane was therefore enabled to fancy thoughts that created a world that thrived inside a mind never dictated by the unwanted voice of progress or economic decline. She was a woman devoted to her faith, and in the pleasures that such a joy completed. Simplicity was her style and time was her extravagance. She wrote to poke us in a direction of the gaiety that life's bounty affords us. VINTAGE VALUES while increasing Home Values in Stockton: Like the annual AUSTEN FEST in Bath, England ~ Stocktonians rejoice in the simplicity and the diversity of the rich gold rush history within our beloved home town. Imagine Public Works hosting a booth to sell bricks that will replace broken sidewalks in front of City Hall, a grand ole landmark! Why must Bath have all the fun, fame and fortune that such an event brings? Indeed our pooled talents can attract a bubbling crowd of folks that enjoy the Value of this extraordinary Vintage era.
Emoting the high and lows with hope ~ Jane offers us a retreat from any grim reality. Attending balls while sporting a new ribbon of color in our bonnets, having a mind filled with lace to wrap around the experience of frivolity at its finest. The rich atmosphere of a culture reminiscent of the lush era of a civic gentry is what she gifted this generation. Imagine a gathering of Austen or literary fans at the Civic Auditorium in Stockton. Of families laughing while enjoying a game of croquet across from City Hall on the lawn. The grand entry of the Civic filled with tables that offer old library books and trinkets for sale that would profit the City. Women and men walking around in 1800's costumes ~ indoors and around Webers point. This would catch the attention of a world gone mundane ~ such a sight would refresh a passerby. Women walking along with parasols and men offering their arm for a stroll down the promenade. A Vintage Value Day that turns back the clock to the gentile 1800's wherein people delighted in social gatherings. Regardless of economic status, all are afforded the simple pleasure of a delightful afternoon along the waterfront ~The targeted audience would be history buffs which include minds from each generation ~ this day would grow in its attraction much like the Asparagus festival but without the cost or the crime of alcohol. The annual ball held at the Civic Auditorium would offer the Stockton Symphony a time to also attract new listeners. Local farmers could bring their fruits to sell at stands placed
within Weber's Point. Horse and carriage rides would be a marvelous way to slow things down with Stockton police mounts that cheered the event. Captain Weber himself would be delighted by the atmosphere like Chawton Cottage being reborn upon the stage of his homeland. A regionally hosted event in Stockton for a society of people that attend various vintage events ~ that come together much like our community does on Easter morning, to celebrate the rising of HOPE that each sunrise offers. This would be an event that would be greatly anticipated each September, before kids went back to school. It would send a message to our youth, it could set a refreshed trend of interest in our history as a City, as a community that cares about the generations to come. Stockton is a place of history and such an event would take time to evolve, but I think it would bring a respect to the City of Stockton, and revenues for the hotels and cafes that are visible from the water front. Area merchants are invested in bringing such an event to our great City along the river! Imagine a parade of happy vintage car owners driving down El Dorado to be parked all around City Hall for a car show hosted by the City. Imagine the glorious Stockton Hotel decorated with flags that salute the State of California while the old trolley gave free rides from the Civic to Webers Point. One day of history shared with an audience that includes each generation. This would definetely help to transform the City image to one that supports a
culture of times gone by. The library would also be engaged in educating our youth with authors like Austen and Tolstoy who write of family values. We can build an atmoshere that brings back Captain Weber and his vision for the first planned community in California. Through a "living history" performed along the promenade, picture Captain Weber himself in his meritime costume sharing his vision under the tent at Weber's point with an old schooner anchored in the deep channel. We could effectively connect generational divides through the charm of Vintage Values and our cross generational desire to be a part of a City that is proud of its history. One day, much like Earth Day at Victory Park, the City comes together and celebrates Vintage Values of festive civility which honors past civic leaders while it welcomes future community offcials. Redeveloping our image as a waterfront City with Vintage Values would raise revenues while peaking interest in our waterways. Not a huge three day event with prohibitive set up and clean up costs, but a ONE DAY THEME EVENT that would be something that could not wear out or require hundreds of volunteers. HUBBA HUBBA antiques and other valley shops could supply the Civic Auditorium with a sampling of their collections. Before the ball begins a raffle would generate revenues to benefit the City budget. Galveston, Texas does such an event around Christmas each year, Old Sacramento hosts the jazz festival, and as Stockton is a community born during the gold rush, it would be appropriate and successful with a committee devoted to its rebirth. Unfortunately the City of Stockton had to file bankruptcy.  Bob Deis, the City Manager did so much for Stockton, but alas he was never genuinely appreciated for his honest effort to reveal the truth of the City coffers.  I personally wish Mr Deis and his family all the best in their next adventure!

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  1. City Mission and Core Values: The mission of the City of Stockton is to serve the community by providing innovative, courteous and responsive service; promoting economic opportunity; enhancing the quality of life for its citizens; and building a better Stockton for future generations. WISDOM: "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Ghandi.