Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Queen Victoria

Pour yourself a hot cup of tea and stream "The Young Victoria" a fabulous historical film which documents the happiest time of England's monarchy. A marriage made in heaven, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Available on Netflix, or purchase it for your library from Amazon. The Young Queen followed by the aged Queen performed by England's favorite Judi Dench. Both of these BBC productions are beautifully done with excellent costumes and tremendous acting. I give them both a THUMBS UP and on rainy days, these two are favorites to watch repeatedly.  Hip Hip Hazaaaah for BBC! ( The Other Boylen Girls, Downton Abbey, and Foyles War, are BBC greats!) The BBC production of "Mrs Brown" reveals the grief of Queen Victoria after Albert's death. Judi the Queen dubs John Brown her best friend. This one loyal friend sacrificed his life to lift her up and keep her safe. John Brown was despised by parliament and her palace. When John Brown died his personal journal of their friendship was never recoverd. The wonderful benefit of blogging one's treasured experiences is that the written word will never be lost by the publisher, the fan or friend.

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